Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 M·A·C WONDER WOMAN Animated Commercial

Utilizing the promotional art of Michael Allred, M·A·C Cosmetics created a sort of motion comic to advertise their new Wonder Woman line. A bit too much motion for my aging eyes in fact, so I wish they'd used voice actors instead of making me try to read restless and swiftly exiting captions and dialogue balloons. The story is no more involved than a 1970s Hostess ad though, so it's not like you have to actually follow the narrative intently. Medusa is ugly, so she wants all the women of the world to be her plain looking slaves. Wonder Woman shields her beautiful self against petrifying fug of lore, and insures the female population will continue to paint their faces like clowns in a desperate bid for acceptance in Man's World. Throw in a burka, and it's Sarah Palin's platform for 2012.

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