Sunday, February 20, 2011

2009 White Lantern Donna Troy design by Joe Prado

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After three variations of Zombie Wondy, it is such a relief to play out this thread with the positive, life-affirming Donna Troy. Wait-- how did that happen? Donna Troy is the Jean Grey of the DC Universe. Dead sleazy furry ex-husband, dead future super-tyrant zombie baby, dead parents/foster parents/celestial benefactors, depowered more times than a rechargeable battery, and probably the most bungled origins in comic book history (even over Hawkman!!!) I guess Donna is blessed with the miserable continuity equivalent of serenity of the deep.

Troy's dreary normal basic black costume is improved upon here, with a shimmering white and a lantern motif that offers her first illustrated purpose for existing since her Darkstar days. Wonder Woman fights for truth and justice, Artemis follows the hunt, Cassie is the girl power legacy and Donna... goes to Monica Lewinsky's dry cleaner? This is better. Did Donna actually wear this in a comic, because she really needs to, stat. Something as simple as a code name would also be a break in the existential ennui.

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