Wednesday, July 27, 2011

JLA #99 (Late August, 2004)

Between the Amazons, the Martian Manhunter & Manitou Raven, the JLA managed to work out Crucifer's plot, back story, and a means of killing him. The League and Doom Patrol teamed up to free the prisoners in Castle Crucifer. The spell to release the Tenth Circle from their other-dimensional prison was ruined by the arrival of the super-heroes, but Crucifer still had a team of metahumans and a possessed town at his disposal. Most were subdued by the super-groups, but a number of vampires and other persons of interest managed to escape, including Crucifer himself. The Lord returned to his castle, where he was impaled by Vortex. Since there was no effect, Crucifer turned on the youth, but was then addressed by a sword-wielding Wonder Woman. In defense of Crucifer, Superman shattered the sword, and the vampire decided that he would turn the Amazon into his queen. However, upon the fateful bite, Crucifer vomited out "her" alien blood. "Wonder Woman" turned out to be the Martian Manhunter in disguise! Working together, Elasti-Girl, the Atom and Superman then finally managed to stake Crucifer to ashes.

Why didn't Crucifer decide to make Wonder Woman his vampire queen in their first encounter? It would have been a lot more impressive having the Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon as power pawns again the JLA. Hold up-- would that have even worked, given Diana's divine and not entirely human origins? Plus, after everything Wonder Woman had gone through, she never got to avenge herself against Crucifer? In case you missed it, Wonder Woman isn't even in this comic. Superman gets the kill shot after being an instrument of Crucifer's for six issues, but Wonder Woman never gets to serve vengeance on anybody after being left for dead? Twice victimized, you bag of crap creators!

"Heartbreaker!" was by John "Die, Princess Diana" Byrne, Chris "Decent Elseworlds" Claremont, and Jerry "Worked with Simonson" Ordway.

The Tenth Circle

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