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Wonder Woman #2 (September, 2006)

The Past: Dr. Poison, Osira and Dr. Cyber acknowledged that Donna Troy was the new Wonder Woman, as she was fighting them, alongside Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark. Joking about being a “kinder, gentler” model, Donna chopped off Cyber’s arms, tossed the remains at Osira, and deflected bullets fired by Poison back into her shoulders. Garbed in black, Princess Diana secretly observed through binoculars from afar. She was joined by Batman, and explained that while it was best that she stay out of the girls’ lives so that they could move on, Diana hadn’t walked away from them entirely. Diana didn’t feel she could accomplish her mission as either a princess or Wonder Woman, and she didn’t want to saddle her friends with the weight of her killing of Maxwell Lord. Batman offered Diana a new identity as an agent of the reformed Department of Metahuman Affairs, with the side benefit of her being a mole for him when needed. “The glasses had to be Clark’s idea.”

The Present: Nemesis was resistant to taking on a new partner, but Agent Diana Prince’s background included three years in Army Intelligence, a masters in international relations from Hopkins, and prior employment as head of security for Waynecorp. Three Wonder Woman villains had clearly received upgrades, while Princess Diana herself was last sighted working with “an Eastern mystic code-named I Ching.” Nemesis would need all the help he could get.

Agent Prince felt that outside heroes would be needed, and that her former associates would continue to be targeted, so she contacted Wonder Girl. Cassie resented being abandoned by Wonder Woman in her time of most dire need following the Infinite Crisis, and blamed Diana for Donna’s capture. Robin was present during the women’s confrontation, and had to confess he knew about Diana’s decisions without telling Cassie, which only made her angrier.

Giganta began tearing up the city while wearing Donna Troy as a necklace and demanding to know where Wonder Woman was. While Agent Prince rescued an imperiled Nemesis, Wonder Girl began choking Giganta with her lasso. A vision of the deceased Superboy visited and then assaulted Cassie, which was of course Dr. Psycho’s doing, whose illusions were now powerful enough that even onlookers saw them.

Dr. Barbara Minerva managed to grab Agent Prince from the back of the neck, and was put through a store window via martial arts. However, the transformed Cheetah emerged from within, necessitating Prince look for a safe place to transform into Wonder Woman. As she began a TV show twirl, her arm was grabbed by Hercules, halting her progress. “Too many women have tried and failed, Diana. Time for a man, don’t you think?”

Part two of “Who is Wonder Woman?” was by Allan Heinberg, Terry & Rachel Dodson. Again, not a bad issue, if a bit busy. I was happy to see old Diana Prince continuity threaded into the “One Year Later” tapestry, and the government agent angle was promising, even if I did wonder why they couldn’t have just used the Department of Extranormal Operations instead. Cassie’s anger was valid, and I liked how it contrasted with Donna’s fountain of forgiveness. Diana’s rogues were also being treated with respect. Such potential…

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