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Wonder Woman #1 (August, 2006)

Washington, D.C. The Museum of Natural History’s exhibit on Themyscira, where artifacts that had been held at a defunct embassy for a lost island had been relocated. Terrorists held Deputy Secretary of Defense Steve Trevor hostage, demanding Princess Diana come out of hiding. Instead, they would get the new Wonder Woman, Donna Troy. Raised in the shadow of her sister, Troy would eventually follow Wonder Woman to Patriarch’s World to become a heroine herself. Following the killing of Maxwell Lord, Princess Diana passed her mantle to Donna and disappeared from public life. “But I keep thinking… if she couldn’t do it… what chance do I have?”

In the museum, Donna freed Steve Trevor, but was set upon by a cheetah. The Cheetah had regained her humanity, and was intent on keeping it, but still held reign over three of her namesake. Dr. Barbara Minerva wrapped Donna’s lasso around her neck, but learned nothing about Diana’s current whereabouts. “…Diana didn’t even trust her own sister enough to let her know where she was going? Then you’re of no use to me.” Minerva ordered Troy and Trevor dead, but Dr. Doris Zeul disagreed, believing Wonder Woman was bound to show sooner or later with them as hostages. In the grip of Giganta, Donna stabbed her finger with a star-shaped earring. As far as Troy was concerned, Wonder Woman was right there. Released from Giganta’s grip, Donna flew Steve to safety at a nearby park.

Minerva still held the lasso, and caught Wonder Woman at the ankle, hoping she could compel Troy to do her will. “The only thing that lasso compels me to do is tell the truth, Minerva. And the truth is… you and Giganta… are going down.” Wonder Woman tied Zeul’s legs with the lasso, but was brought down with the giantess. Minerva took Donna’s sword as she had her lasso, and prepared to chop her when a second lasso caught her wrists. Princess Diana fought Minerva, and was prepared to kill her as she had Maxwell Lord, prompting a conflict between the Wonder Women. “You’re not killing anyone-- ever again.” Diana was stronger, faster, and skewered Donna with her sword. “You-- you’re not Wonder Woman…” Lying in the grass with a bloodless “wound,” Donna watched the sword and the sister evaporate into the diminutive form of Dr. Psycho. “With all due respect… neither are you.”

Steve Trevor reported to Sarge Steel outside the museum, which had been surrounded by agents of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. So too was “Trevor,” who proved to in fact be the master of disguise dubbed Nemesis. Tom Tresser had lost Donna Troy, but was set to get her back with his new partner, Agent Diana Prince.

Part one of “Who is Wonder Woman?” was by Allan Heinberg, Terry & Rachel Dodson. This was not a bad debut issue. The major points of history were explained to new readers, the altered status quo was established, the pictures were pretty, the story fast-paced, and the villains all got nice new costumes. I was pretty excited about the return of Diana Prince in her cool white threads. Ah, how the good will would get washed away…

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