Sunday, May 13, 2012

1995 Wonder Woman #95 Unused Cover Concept Art by Brian Bolland

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So DC had this storyline where Diana loses a re-staged contest to Artemis, and with it her mantle as Wonder Woman. She then donned a terrible '90s costume out of scraps from an Exposé video. Fine, whatever. Next, they had her fight a bad girl troika of Cheetah, Cheshire and Poison Ivy...

Wait. Wonder Woman still had her powers, and routinely used Cheetah as a punching bag. What the hell were two non-powered villainesses supposed to bring to the table? Poisoned fingernails? 'Shrooms. Please. I have trouble seeing these chicas menacing anyone respectable, and they seemed silly leaping out of stage left (woodland set) in the published cover. Cheetah may look like she's trying to give birth from a standing squat in the unpublished version, but at least Diana's being chained up evens the odds somewhat.


karl said...

It was a fun issue, in all theory. I rather liked the idea of this triumverate of female villains going after Diana, and esp the next ish when we found out Cheetah only joined them to infiltrate them so she could pay Di back for rescuing her from their previous encounter.
In truth she shouldnt have had any problem fighting Cheshire and Poison Ivy - Cheshire was an overrated wuss whose only 'make' was blowing up a small country [and even then with some help] and had the bad sense, not to mention inferior taste, to sleep with Roy Harper and produce the most insipid child in DC history. Ivy? No martial skills whatsoever, as Catwoman proved in their encounters. Yes, shes more sneaky but Diana knew this and only had to step back from her so she cant get near; it seems absurd they could take our heroine. and apart from anything else, when the hell did Chesh and Ivy take contract orders from anyone????
On the plus side I enjoyed the Image-like artwork, all angular shapes and sharp edges and over-posed women; the 90s were easy soft-porn superhero fantasies while we were waiting for the internet to come along.
And I actually liked Micah Rains! He was like a younger, less scruffier version of Ed Indelicato an dhad a certain rogueish charm. Diana offered to work with him in his defective detective agency - whatever became of that?

Anonymous said...

Thx for your post, I really enjoy your blog. Long time lurker, first time commenter, you know the drill. I tried to share this one time before, I don’t think it posted correctly…hopefully it will this time!