Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2006 Wonder Woman Art Book Piece by Brandon Peterson

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Love the marriage of high tech and ancient imagery, well suiting classic Paradise Island. Really fantastic level of detail here.


karl said...

Well, this image is just PERFECTION. Absolute perfection. Was this an actual cover or commissioned art? I would adore this as a poster, never mind a cover for the WW comic itself. Its images such as these that serve to remind us - not that we ever forget - that this is the real Wonder Woman we all want to see, and miss dreadfully. On the surface there are two things wrong; WW holding a sword [another Zena influence creeping in; WW should never employ a sword] and her moody, almost contemptuorous stare, but these things are minor, really. This pic has nothing but positives going for it, it splendidly displays Diana at her heroic best, something we havent had for a long time now. And as you say the detail is quite extraordinary in its delianation. Just thought; the WW name down the side does mark it out as a commissioned piece.
Seeing something like this just makes me wish we had the original WW back, but pieces like this help to keep her image alive and in the public consciousness, even if DC would prefer her old look would slink away into obscurity.
Id really love to have this exceptional piece of art as a poster...just beautiful, beautiful.
Made my day.

karl said...

Must add;
adoring the statue of Athena behind Diana. not to mention the side portrait wiht that prominent nose brow, very Grecian indeed.
And our beloved Diana looks splendid here; her double-diamond shaped tiara [reminiscient of the Perez era], her segmented bracelets [reminiscient of the Byrne era, the only thing of his costume change I liked], the many stars on her panties, plus the new volume 3 version of her belt, which was the only bit of her costume change from that I liked] and what appears to be a quite metallic sheen to her costume, a nicely-placed double-W placed perfectly, just perfectly on her red bodice [some artists draw it too thin, or worse put it on top of her bodice when there should be a red stripe between her bare skin and the double-W]. Really, here her costume is just right. I could quite happily accept this as her official WW costume, it has everything I want.
As does this superb picture [already saved to my favourites!] I absolutely cannot praise this highly enough.

Diabolu Frank said...

After my threadbare comments, I feel like pasting your analysis into the actual post! :)

As I understand it, Peterson drew this for himself to include in an annual art book he publishes for conventions. As far as I know, Wonder Woman appears in every year's edition, such as in 2005. I'd link to more, but they'll all appear here eventually, since they're each so gorgeous. Peterson needs a run as cover artist someday, or a "Killing Joke" caliber special project.

I actually had a line criticizing the sword while drafting the post, but feared I might be harping too much on that point, and took it out. She's also rather haughty and top heavy, but the work that went into everything here remains exceptional.

I'm honestly cool with the current Wonder Woman costume. Given my druthers, I'd actually keep her in pants from here on out. I do wish there were more iconic elements, but enough are there (and they're so vastly superior to the Odyssey suit,) that I can accept the look. It's the actions and lack of character I find troubling.

I liked the length of the Byrne gauntlets as well, and didn't mind the minimal stars. Once again, the scripts were where I found fault with him.