Saturday, August 25, 2012

2010 Dark Angel color art by Oliver Nome

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I didn't much care for John Byrne's run on Wonder Woman, and his "fix" for Donna Troy's continuity only made it an even more wretched, convoluted mess that devalued the character to the point of her being executed in a Titans/Outsiders crossover. The only good things to come out of that by my reckoning were closer ties between Diana and Donna, and the invention of an archnemesis for Troia in Dark Angel. Honestly, the name is generic as hell, the look isn't much better, and don't ask me what her powers are, but at least Dark Angel gave a form to direct all that anger at Troy's mishandling. Nome does a nice job of providing D.A. with visual personality and some sauciness late period Byrne couldn't summon on his own. I really like the color version, but she also looks hawt in black and white.

Oliver Nome


karl said...

I wouldve liked to have seen a bit more of Dark Angel, contrivance tho she was in order to give Donna a once and true for all origin in the DCU. She seemed more of a bogeyman villain who never quite achieved her popularity - Id have liked to see her linked more to Baroness Von Gunther who was written out far too quickly to bring in DA.
They should bring her back [along with every other WW villain!] with mystical powers, a demon of sorts summoned up by Circe.
Wasnt there something in the 52 comic which suggested Dark Angel was an evil version of Donna from one of her timelines? Kudos to Byrne for at least creating a new bad guy for the book back then.
You should use this picture and the Doctor Cyber one below in your blog posts alongside the other pics, just a thought.

Diabolu Frank said...

Dark Angel was an agent of MyS-Tech who revolted when she learned it had ties to Mephist--oh, wait, that's the Marvel UK heroine. DC's Dark Angel was the Harbinger of the Anti-Monitor, and also a parallel Earth's Donna Troy. You could combine both those sentences and it wouldn't make any less sense.

I didn't intentionally favor Phil Jimenez for the sidebar icons-- he just happened to produce a lot of full figures against a white background from a single source that I could easily appropriate. The Doctor Cyber is a bit off-model, but I like this take on Dark Angel better than any in the canon. Once she warrants an icon, this will likely be it.