Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1 (June, 2012)

"Detroit, Michigan. The Red Room. The world's largest covert research facility for housing extraterrestrial, unidentified and classified technology recovered from across the globe." The remains of an Amazo sat on a table while doctors Sarah Charles and Silas Stone argued over what Cyborg should be doing for the world. Suddenly, "the Monitor Machine" started working, and scientists were given a brief glimpse of a "signal from another universe." It was Earth 2, and included their Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman battling parademons.

"Washington, D.C... A.R.G.U.S. A military agency created to combat super-human threats and supports the world's greatest super heroes, specifically the Justice League." A very Tracie Thoms-ish Etta Candy was giving report to Steve Trevor on the millions in property damage caused during the League's battle with Professor Ivo's mad android. Trevor noted, "We've clearly helped establish any damage was Green Arrow's fault. The League doesn't make mistakes." Candy continued that a group of super-human teens tracked to Alaska (the Ravagers) had disappeared, and that Talia al Ghul's recruitment activities were being monitored. Etta criticized Steve for cancelling dinner with his sister again. Steve was too busy to even read a restaurant menu, which made it all the more dismissible when an untraceable copy of David Graves' book Justice League: Gods Among Men arrived for him.

An emergency arrived at the Black Room, "a vault containing the world's most dangerous supernatural artifacts." Dr. Mist usually oversaw it for A.R.G.U.S., but he was away in South America. An unidentified male had previously broken in to steal the Orb of Ra, and now a red-cloaked female had breached security. Trevor and a squad drew down on her. "The Spear of Destiny, the Black Diamond, the Seven Spells of Shazam... it's quite an impressive collection you've amassed, Colonel Trevor. But this belongs to me." Pandora fired some sort of magical automatics at A.R.G.U.S. and made off with a box containing a bejeweled demonic golden skull. "I know you were one of the soldiers who helped recover it, Colonel Trevor. I know many of your friends died to crate it up. But I need it. It may be the source of my curse. But it's also the secret to my salvation." Pandora had entered and escaped, despite spells in place to keep her kind out. Further, a report of a cyber attack on the Red Room came in. Trevor ordered, "I want a lockdown on the other rooms. Especially The Circus! We need Dr. Mist. Get Black Orchid in here, Etta. And find me John Constantine." As for calling in the Justice League, Trevor finally acknowledged "It's just a matter of time before this all comes crashing down."

Pandora had the box. "This time I know what I'm dealing with. And it must be dealt with." Previously, Pandora had been tried by other mystics as part of a "Trinity of Sin" for her crimes, and judged harshly...

"The Near Future." Batman had recovered Pandora's skull box, but was set upon by the new Green Lantern currently known only as "Baz" (but unnamed in the book.) This led into a four page gatefold image of "The Trinity War." Hero battled hero, including Wonder Woman slugging Mera...

By Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado, Kenneth Rocafort, Gene Ha, and Jim Lee & Scott Williams.

New 52's Day

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