Friday, August 17, 2012

2010 Doctor Cyber art by Oliver Nome

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I've got a soft spot for Dr. Cyber, since she was featured in Wonder Woman comics from my youth, and was one of the few Bronze Age additions to her rogues gallery with any staying power. As the premier villainess of the Diana Prince white jumpsuit period, she obviously holds a special place on this blog. I really like that she has nothing to do with the Greek pantheon, and is a high tech megalomaniac pitted against an Amazon warrior. Often, especially at Marvel, the techie would be the hero up against a primitive villain (see Iron Man and a third of his foes, including nemesis the Mandarin.) Nome plays up the more mangafied elements of Tom Grummett's reworking of the character for Power Company, but she's still recognizable and looks wicked. I dig the coloring too, but you can scope the original black and white art here.

Oliver Nome


karl said...

I absolutely adored Cylvia Cyber back in the day. A glamourous Bond type villainess with s penchant for outrageous schemes and her all female army
When she became disfigured and took to wearing that mask and her villain ' suit' she did unfortunately become for the most part another generic super villain with little depth or personality.
When she did her guest appearance in the Power Company ( wish they'd bring that back someday) I assumed shed be reintroduced into ongoing WW continuity but she's been so conspicuoups by her absence. Pity, I liked her and hope we get to see her again.
Fabulous vintage villainess.

Diabolu Frank said...

Yeah, she was much cooler in the Diana Prince stories than the immediate pre-Crisis Dr. Doom with ovaries, but it's a testament that she made the transition at all.