Friday, November 16, 2012

1993 Wonder Woman redesign doodle by Diabolu Frank

In the wake of "Reign of the Superman" and "Knightfall," I became fixated on my own design revamps of iconic DC heroes. I would do pages and pages of quasi-stick figure revisions in marker, and have sometimes featured them on my Martian Manhunter blog. Such an over-sharing occurred today, and since one of my Wonder Woman attempts was on the same page, I thought I'd crop it to spotlight here. Forgive the dismal quality, but depending on your viewing platform, the image is larger than original size. The elongated bracelets turned up in the Byrne period, and Perez did the thigh high boots on occasion in his day. Nothing new here, not even the basic image, which I believe I swiped from a Sal Velluto drawing.

Speaking of which, you might get a mild kick out of my 1994-1995 Swipe Collage or the rest of this page, offered on other blogs today.