Friday, November 9, 2012

2009 Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl color sketch by Yıldıray Çınar

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karl said...

Cinar was one of my favourite Legion of Super-Heroes artists/colourists last year.
I suggested at my local LSH fan meeting that Cassie [Wonder Girl mk2] should be transferred to the 31st century so she can join the LSH. Its always been one of my ideas that, like the JSA, the LSH could have its own 'legacy characters', such as a Thangarian-type Hawkman or a Green Lantern [like Rond Vidar was].
Itd be great to feel that Themyscira was still around in the far future as the Amazons - and our lovely Diana herself - are immortal. The LSH is desperately in need of a female powerhouse right now and a descendent of Wonder Woman's could be of some real use.
As Cinar draws such a cool rad Wonder Girl, I wish she could join the LSH.

Diabolu Frank said...

To be honest, I hated when the LSH brought in contemporary legacies like Laurel Kent and Thunder. LSH continuity is so rich and so far removed from our times, it drove me nuts when a millennium year old bit of business was shoehorned in.

karl said...

Fair enough. I didnt think much of Thunder either to be honest [and she was a wasted character who didnt even stay long]. I agree with you about random bits of DC continuity from other books would pop up.