Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day 2012

When Princess Diana came to Man's World, she bribed a similar looking nurse named Diana Prince to relinquish her identity to the Amazon. In both cases, the driving motivation for the switch was infatuation with a man, which is unfortunately non-feminist in retrospect. However, the ersatz Diana Prince joined the U.S. military, and her role as a female member of Army Intelligence was exceptional for the time. Across decades of service that included the wars in Korea and Vietnam, but most especially active participation in World War II, "Diana Prince" attained the rank of Major. From Revolutionary War soldier Deborah Sampson through to our current servicewomen, let's take a moment to think of those who have fought for their country, and by extension the advancement of their gender.

For more, perhaps you'd enjoy a Mademoiselle Marie adventure from today's DC Bloodlines post on The Brave and the Bold #52 (February/March 1964), or more such combat tales by following the trending topic #WarComicsMonth on on Twitter and Google+?


karl said...

We've just had Rememberance Sunday here in the UK, two minutes silence across the nation at 11am.

Diana Prince presents a very positive role model for women in the armed services. Her rise up the ranks was well-measured and oddly typical of how women are treated real-life in the Army. I recall an old Sensation Comic where a stuffy, sexist old general made the female cadets/soldiers [Di included] dig ditches in order to teach them a lesson the Army was a male domain. Much later, in the 80s I remember how put out Steve Trevor was when Di got promoted to Major meaning they were effectively equals now.
Watching re-runs of the Stargate tv show recently, a similar character can be seen in Major Samantha Carter, and her rise thru the ranks.

karl said...

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Diabolu Frank said...

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karl said...

Im not entirely sure, Diabolu; I think you can set up a page but you dont have to add anything to it if you dont want. You can just follow others' posts and leave comments on theirs. Its rather like Google's version of Facebook in a way.
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